Hello dosto aap sab ka bahut bahut swagat hai hamara es website trickerAmit.in par aaj ki es post me mai aap sab ko bataunga ki free fire me Alok , Skyler , k , Dimitry character me se konsa active skill character best hai aur konsa character lekar aapko khelna chahiye.

Character ability


Alok is a world famous dj , ready to drop a beat. Create a 5m aura that increase ally movement speed by 15% and restore 5 ho per second. Cannot be stacked.


Unleashes a soni wave foreward, damaging 5 gloowall within 50m cd 60 second. Also, each gloowall deployed will result in increasing hp recovery begining from 4 points. Recovery effects do not stack.


Max EP increase by 50 jiu-jitsu mode: allies within 6m get 500% increase in EP conversion rate. Psycology mode: recover 2 EP every 3 second, upto 100EP. Mode switch
CD 3 second.


Create a 3.5m diameter healing zone. inside,
User and allies recover 3 HP per second .
When downed, user and allies can self- recover to get up. Last for 10 second cd 85 second.

Ab mai aapko batata hu ki aap en 4 character me se kon sa character lekar aapko game khelna hai.

En 4 character me aap kon sa mode khelte hai us par depend hai agar aap clash squad mode khelte ho to aapke ke liye (K) character aapke liye sabse best rahega.

Agar aap ranked game khelna pasand karte hai to aapke liye (dimitry) character sabse best rahega agar aapke pass (dimitry) character nahi hai to aapke liye sabse best character (Alok) rahega ab aapke upar depend karta hai ki aap kon sa mode khelna pasand karte hai aur aap kon sa character use karte hai.

Agar aapko ye post accha laga to es post ko share jarur kar de aise post banane me bahut mehnat lagta hai.

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